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Paintings in Proust: A Visual Companion to In Search of Lost Time
Eric Karpeles
In Search of Lost Time
Marcel Proust, C.K. Scott Moncrieff, Andreas Mayor, Terence Kilmartin, D.J. Enright, Richard Howard
Within a Budding Grove (In Search of Lost Time, #2)
Marcel Proust, C.K. Scott Moncrieff, Terence Kilmartin, D.J. Enright

Dare Me: A Novel

Dare Me - Megan Abbott I'm thoroughly surprised by this book, and it's a testament to the power of Goodreads and friends' reviews on here: I never would have picked up this book if it hadn't been for that.Abbott knows what she's doing: the lingo; the pacing; how the plot unfurls. What really intrigued me was how a book so rooted and reliant upon plot could be so well-written. The balance here is really seamless, and it makes for both an addictive read as well as a sly social critique; at the same time, it's a very real portrait—in a noir way—that shows the underbelly of glitter and pomp.I think I may well move on to Bury Me Deep next. Dare Me was that good.