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Paintings in Proust: A Visual Companion to In Search of Lost Time
Eric Karpeles
In Search of Lost Time
Marcel Proust, C.K. Scott Moncrieff, Andreas Mayor, Terence Kilmartin, D.J. Enright, Richard Howard
Within a Budding Grove (In Search of Lost Time, #2)
Marcel Proust, C.K. Scott Moncrieff, Terence Kilmartin, D.J. Enright

Swann's Way: In Search of Lost Time, Vol. 1 (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition)

Swann's Way - Marcel Proust, Lydia Davis (There are no "spoilers," I promise.)Combray"A sleeping man holds in a circle around him the sequence of the hours, the order of the years and worlds" — bedrooms; "the immobility of things" — habit — the magic lantern — weather; barometers — "Bathilde! Come and stop your husband from drinking cognac!" — the consolation of Mama's goodnight kiss — M. Swann — "our social personality is a creation of the minds of others" — "like good poets forced by the tyranny of rhyme to find their most beautiful lines" — "Since we tear the band off the newspaper so feverishly ever morning, they ought to change things and put into the newspaper, oh, I don't know, perhaps ... Pascal's Pensées!" — Françoise's "imperious" code — "that gesture" of Swann's "so like his father" — photographs and the "mechanical mode of representation" — George Sand — the Celtic belief of lost souls — the madeleine and tisane: "the truth I am seeking is not in the drink, but in me" — "the immense edifice of memory" — "a sort of twilight of flowers" — where everybody knows your name — "What, Françoise, more asparagus! Why, you've got a regular mania for asparagus this year." — the church at Combray — "it was always to the steeple that we had to return, always the steeple that dominated everything" — M. Legrandin, "the epitome of the superior man" — "in which Art allowed me a presentment of what it was," or actors' names — the lady in pink — Giotto's Virtues and Vices — the "different states of mind which my consciousness would simultaneously unfold while I read" — Bloch, barometers, Berma, and Bergotte's "mirrors of truth which were his books" — the etymological corruption of saints' names — Léonine's "little routine" — M. Vinteuil — "It was in the Month of Mary that I remember beginning to be fond of hawthorns" — "theatre in bed" — asparagus and chamber pots — Françoise's paradoxical pity — alter egos — the Méséglise way (the way by Swann's) and the Guermantes way — "blushing bodies undone by breath" — Gilberte among the pink hawthorns — "There's certainly a lot of music-making going on in that establishment" — the weather — Françoise's loyalty — "Zut, Zut, Zut, Zut" — landscapes; desire — sadism; voyeurism — the Vivonne — water lilies; neurasthenics — names; colors — "these dreams warned me that since I wanted to be a writer someday, it was time to find out what I was meant to write about" — Mme. de Guermantes — the depths of impressions — the two steeples of Martinville joined by Vieuxvicq's — "the smell of invisible, enduring lilacs" Swann in LoveMme. Verdurin's salon — Odette — "the bouquet of artificial pansies" — Dr. Cottard — "It's precisely the andante that completely paralyzes me" — the bronzes on the Beauvais couch — Vinteuil's "phrase or harmony ... that had opened his soul so much wider" — "a pure work of music contains none of the logical relationships whose alteration in language reveals madness" — Swann's connections — "a last chrysanthemum" — tea; cigarette cases; hearts — love and aesthetics — "searching for Eurydice" — straightening the cattleyas — "the little phrase had the power to open up within him the space it needed" — fashionable society — the Comte de Forcheville and Brichot — Cottard's "puns" — Dumas's Francillon and a Japanese salas — the effect of forbidden names on the little clan — "sonata-snake" — les cadeaux — "a painful need to master her entirely" — the bedroom light is on — "this strange phase of love" — jealousy; knowledge; letters — walking through the Bois imagining Chatou — "the Faubourg Saint-Germain's Noli me tangere" — the romance of railway timetables and the consolation of maps — Odette makes orangeade — Wagner — "the need to hear, and to understand, music" — preparations for absence — "his love was no longer operable" — M. de Charlus — influence — "Delightful—I'm turning into a real neurotic" — "We do not tremble except for ourselves, except for those we love" — Balzac's tigers — the staircase at the Marquise de Saint-Euverte's and "an empty milk can on a doormat" — men's monocles — the Princess des Laumes — "the phrases of Chopin with their sinuous and excessively long necks" — love; cholera — La Pérouse and the rue de La Pérouse — violins; "this body of sound" — an anonymous letter; suspicions — Théodore Barrière's Les Filles de Marbre — "Reality is therefore something that has no relation to possibilities, any more than the stab of a knife in our body has any relation to the gradual motions of the clouds overhead" — on the island in the Bois — "For what we believe to be our love, or our jealousy, is not one single passion, continuous and indivisible. They are composed of an infinity of successive loves, of different jealousies, which are ephemeral but by their uninterrupted multitude give the impression of continuity..." — brothel banter — Machard's portrait — Napoleon III and Forcheville "in the twilight of a dream" — retrospective presagesPlace-Names: The Namethe bedroom at Balbec's Grand-Hôtel de la Plage — "the beauty of landscapes" — Gothic steeples and sea storms — place-names: "proper names like the names people have" — "the countries we long for occupy a far larger place in our actual life ... than the country in which we happen to be" — Gilberte in the Champs-Élysées — "we no longer love anyone else when we are in love" — imaginary letters — Bergotte on Racine — the name Swann — Mme. Blatin and Les Débats — the beauties in the allée des Acacias — Mme. Swann — "a veritable fever for the dead leaves" of the Bois de Boulogne — automobiles; changes in fashion; the passing of time — "The reality I had known no longer existed"